Soundtrack-As Aventuras de Sharkboy e Lavagirl em 3D

Track listing
1. The Shark Boy (03:47)(Rodriguez / Debney) (Track times based on small fuzzy cover at Varese's site)
2. The LavaGirl (01:28)(Rodriguez)
3. Max's Dream (01:37)(Rodriguez)
4. SharkBoy and LavaGirl Return (01:44)(Rodriguez)
5. Planet Drool (02:12)(Rodriguez)
6. Mount Never Rest (02:35)(Revell)
7. Passage of Time (01:33)(Rodriguez and some other composer I couldn't make out)
8. Mr. Electric (02:09)(Revell)
9. Train of Thought (02:01)(Debney)
10. Dream Dream Dream Dream (Dream Dream) (01:54)(Rodriguez) (Scarrily notes it being performed by "LavaBoy"...)
11. Stream of Consciousness (01:32)(Debney)
12. Sea of Confusion (03:04)(Debney)
13. The LaLa's (01:09)(Some composer that I couldn't make the name out of, that was not Rodriguez, Debney or Revell)
14. The Ice Princess (02:57)(Rodriguez / Debney)
15. SharkBoy vs. Mr. Electric (01:55)(Revell)
16. LavaGirl's Sacrifice (02:12)(Rodriguez)
17. The Light (02:21)(Rodriguez)
18. Battle of the Dreamers (01:21)(Rodriguez)
19. Mr. Electric on Earth (01:13)(Revell)
20. Unplugged (01:12)(Rodriguez / Debney)
21. The Day Dreamer (01:29)(Rodriguez / Debney)
22. SharkBoy and LavaGirl (04:09)(Rodriguez) (Scarrily noted as being performed by "LavaGirl"...)